What Makes Net Sarees Perfect for Party ?

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Net sarees are gets the alluring figure with flimsy fabric drapes over your body in a very special manner to accentuating lady’s physical features. Obviously, net sarees are the best way to hold on to the Indian tradition in a most modern way still look sensuous, classy beauteous and elegant. And is the best way to be the centre attraction at weddings, party and events. The sequins,laces, embroidery, needle work, patterns and shimmers spotlight through this transparent material to drape your body in the most seductive color in an attractive way.

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Are Net Sarees Perfect For Parties?

what makes net sarees so special? The laces, sequins, needle work, embroidered patterns and shimmers glare through net sarees; this transparent saree material drape lady’s in the most alluring color in an attractive way. If you are wearing one of those gorgeous net sarees you would always be the center of attraction even in the crowd! Of course, it is the best and classical way to hold on to the Indian tradition in the most modern way, while you still look sensuous, stylish beautiful and elegant! What else can you look for in your party wear?

What Makes Net Sarees Perfect for Party ?

Well, the reasons are many and varied; here are the top five reasons:

1. Net sarees are available in a large number of colors patterns and designs. Whether you want a fabulous biege or a maroon, a dark green or an happy blue, black or white, you can choose them in every possible colour and pattern with the embroidery of your choice if heavy or light.

2. This thin and pretty fabric creates an alluring figure on your body in manner to highlight your beautiful figures.


3. Net sarees are perfect to be well-matched with the most dazzling jewelry you can ever think of. Pair net sarees with your best-loved stilettos and ornamented clutch bags and you are ready to take the show on hand.

5. If worn with a beautifully designed blouse and satin petty-coat, you will looking really impressive in nets. This adorable net sarees are perfectly in keeping with the luxury of these marriage ceremonies.

4. If it is your best friend’s birthday party or your sister’s wedding ceremonial occasion, the sequins, patch-works of net sarees are perfect. Embroideries and fabric flowers intertwine with the delicate net saree is perfect for every occasion to get you a celebrated appearance.

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Tips on How to wear Net Sari

Wearing a Net Sari

1. While wearing a net sari, avoid pleating the pallu. Insteadpleating the pallu , leave it loose and flowing that get you an effortless charm.

2. Satin petticoat of the base color is an essentially required when wearing a net saree,.

3. Because of the net fabric, the sari might have chances of show body flab especially waist down. So the blouse you wear should appropriate your bustline perfectly. Also blouse should hence be tailored to cover the flaws that might come up.

4. Make sure saree does not slip off pleating the net sari is the toughest job.. If need be, pin it up should you feel uneasy to walk in it during the night.

5. Go for footwear that have a little height, not so tall that might make you look and walk uncomfortable.

6. Wearing and sporting accessories is important. But do not take the chance of over-accessorising the net sari. Wear jewellery that will be sufficient and minimalistic, not something that will make you look overdressed.

7. How can we forget the make-up? A net saree would look even better when the makeup is kept low and minimal, rather than having it flashy and loud. Go ahead and highlight one or two features of your face instead of doing it full.

8. The oomph factor gets highlighted depending on how high or low you wear the sari. Ideally, wearing it too high or low makes it look out of context. Tie it around your waist bone. Some things look good when not flaunted on the excess.

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9. For a pure chaste look, go for a white sari. You can pair it with a white sleeveless blouse and white sequined purse. Wear silver or white gold and paint your fingers in a contrasting color. Golden net sari looks ever-gorgeous with all its dazzle and shine. There is also Azure-Green net version that has a sense of mermaid-like beauty in it.

Whatever be the colour or the embellishments, get ready to woo the world with a net sari provided you look into the intricacies of wearing it.