Egyptian Wedding

Egyptian culture is alive with vibrance and taste far surpassed from many other cultures. They have many ancient traditions and their ancient religion has not been lost on the elaborate planning dedicated to any wedding party. Beautiful sculpture, ancient stories of magic, and amazing designs accompany and  traditional Egyptian wedding. The ancient Egyptians were actually the first people who stated marriage laws in the world! They regarded marriage as a civil, and legal relationship. Marriage in ancient Egypt was considered a religious imposition as well as a romantic endeavour. The ancient Egyptian laws organized the relationship between married couples, as well as indicating all rights and duties for the couples. Many of the ancient marriage contracts have been found, and they were registered and signed by three officers, as was the law in long-ago times.

The wife in a traditional Egyptian household was respected greatly, and she had high prestige. Also, the couple had a lot of chances to get to know each other before the engagement; for example, in the temples or at the common feasts. There was a custom in the Egyptian family which allowed the adult daughter to welcome the guests who came to visit her parents. The ancient Egyptians  knew of the engagement before getting married, and its customs were similar to the engagement customs known recently in Egypt. The bride, or fiancee wore the engagement dress which was simpler than the wedding dress. Its color was blue or pink. The groom would put on the finger of his fiancee a ring; the ancient Egyptians believed it was a gift to the old world as well as the new,which was a symbol of immortality. In addition, the groom gave his fiancee the valuable jewelry gift they and their families had agreed on before. During the party, the attendants ate and drank many traditional Egyptian wedding foods. When the house of the new family became ready, the two families arranged the appropriate people for the wedding party. The night before wedding day, the relatives, the friends and the neighbors got together to celebrate “the Henna Night”. The women went to the bride’s house, while the men went to the groom’s house.

At the bride’s house the women danced and sang all night while the bride wore a pink dress made with silk or cotton fibers, and her hands and feet were bleached with henna. Meanwhile, the men danced and sang all night at the groom’s house, and the groom  wear an expensive clean suit. The next day, the marriage contract was signed and registered by priest in the temple in the attendance of the couple and most of their families and friends. Following this, the traditional Egyptian wedding ensured that happiness was present on both sides.

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