Pakistani mehndi designs

In past Pakistani mehndi designs are applied on the hands and feet by women on their wedding or during the festival of Eid. Pakistani mehndi is better known as Henna. Mehndi designs last for about three to four weeks and the color of the design ranges from a very dark red hue to a deep brown hue. The richness of the color mostly depends on how long you keep the henna on your skin. Mehndi artists recommend the use of lemon or oil on the henna in order to deepen its color and also make it stay longer.

Pakistani mehndi designs are intricate patterns that are created on the hand and feet with henna. Creating Pakistani mehndi designs are meant to beautify the hands and feet. They are most widely used when a women is being married. The wedding ceremony is a special occasion and the ‘Mehndi’ ceremony is a part of it. During the mehndi ceremony henna is applied by the bride and all the other female members of the family. The Mehndi ceremony spreads over two days mostly. On the first day the groom applies mehndi, though this is just symbolic. And on the second day the bride applies mehndi for decorating her palms and feet with intricate Pakistani mehndi design patterns. Most brides prefer to apply the mehndi right up to her arm and on the feet right up to her calf muscles. During the ‘Mehndi’ ceremony the family members and friends have a good time singing songs, dancing and cracking jokes.