Lehenga is one of the most favorite wedding attire for most the Indian brides. A lehenga traditionally consists of three parts namely, lehenga or ghaghra (full length skirt), a choli (fitted top or bodice) and the odhini or dupatta(veil). All these three parts are co-ordinate in the best possible manner to make the bride look perfect on her Wedding day.

The colors, the designs, the style, every single thing has to be in synchronization with each other because then only this particular bridal attire or the perfect lehenga can create the actual dazzling effect Lehenga Cholis or Ghagra Cholis look especially wonderful on tall women thanks to the flowy silhouette of this outfit. Ornately embellished Lehenga Cholis, Ghagra Cholis, Chaniya Cholis, Lehnga Cholis in deep and enriching shades are the perfect outfits for women. While Lehengas or Ghagras are usually paired with short Cholis often baring the midriff.

Women can shop for readymade Choli Lehengas, Choli Ghagras, Choli Lehngas, etc or alternatively, buy custom made Lehenga Cholis, Ghagra Cholis, Chaniya Cholis, Lehnga Cholis, etc and get a waist-length Choli stitched or a Choli longer than that by few inches. When opting for Lehengas with long Cholis it is best not to buy or get a Choli stitched too long as that might be quite unflattering. Waist-length or hip-length Choli looks ideal. Lehengas Choli or Ghagras Choli look best in a striking color combination, and hence Lehengas Choli in green and pink, green and red, blue and green, blue and pink, green and golden yellow, etc would look stunning.