Wedge Heel

Wedge Heel

What  is a Wedge Heel?

On most shoes, the “heel” sits under only the heel of the foot, but a wedge heel runs under the foot, from the back of the shoe to the middle or front.As you’ve probably guessed, it has a wedge shape, but not all wedges are high heels. In fact, wedge heels range from low to high, it’s the shape and the length of the heel that classify it as a wedge.

Advantages of Wedge Heels:

These shoes add height, but are easier to walk .

Worldly and eye-catching, wedges have a very cosmopolitan look about them.

A wedge heel looks great with nearly any length skirt or dress.

Wedge heels, by nature, are a fashionable choice; by just choosing to wear them, you up your fashion quotient.

Wedges will add definition and shape to heavy ankles, making them appear thinner.