Dharamavaram Silk


One of the most lovable silk sarees is the Dharamvaram silk sarees. These are traditional sarees in the region of Dharamvaram which is small town in Andhra Pradesh. It is a woven silk that is famous all over the world amongst all the woven silks. These are traditional sarees with dark color borders and they are broad, which is in contrast to the pallou that is woven with gold brocades. For the silk sarees that are worn in the daily routine by the ladies, are woven in two colors and the affect that is given is of muted double shades. These sarees are too much similar to the kanchipuram silk saris but these muted color shades give them a different look and makes it easy for all to differentiate.

These Dharamavaram silk saris are liked as they are simple yet elegant. These saris are simple, but as the fabric has a rich look and is adorable therefore many designers are trying to these fabrics for making designer sarees which are now being sold readily in the markets of many countries other than India. These saris are very comfortable to wear and there is not much of problem for those who have just started to begin sarees and do not know how to drape them.


The Dharmavaram Silk sarees had a history of around 100 years. The weavers used to weave the Silk sarees from the time of the British only. During that time the people used to grow the Mulberry trees in large numbers around the Bangalore areas. The weaving of the sarees is been started by their own during the time of the hereditary of Gaddam Yatirajulu, Pallem Venkatesulu since one century back only. In the beginning days the farmers used to grow the Silk insects and used to prepare the cocoons from them. The cocoons are been boiled in the hot water and the silk thread is been brought out and used to weave the sarees from that thread. Till 1980 the weavers used to weave one side and two side stitched sarees which are very famous in those days and later on they changed their style to one lakh of lights using the 120 jacards and big size Kalanjali border designs on the Silk sarees are been designed. As the time being later on the trend shifted to 240 jacards Kalanjali, Evening, Morning, Brocket, ootu and so on sarees are been designed and weaved by the weavers. Some of the famous weavers like Chippala Siddharamayya and Chinna Ramayyalu used to take the awards from the Governor also for their skill in the work.


The designs like peacock feathers on the Silk sarees, Bramhakamalam, the designs which are like the shine of the stars, perfume based sandal sarees, and the sarees which changes the colors because of the threads used in them are been designed by the weavers of these days which shows their skill and talent. Among 26 designs in the sarees, 11 are from the handloom and the remaining 15 are from the power looms. As there are around 240 jacards of Kalanjali, Evening, Morning, Brocket sarees there is a great demand for these sarees.