About Us

beautyballs.com is a unique informative channel designed to meet the needs of  fashion conscious traditional young indian women.here you can search for beauty clinics,boutiques and fitness centres even at the remottest regions ,its details and services they provide.beautyballs avails the strategies of career devolpment  ie,staging of your tallents like Acting,Dancing,Singing and modelling.another important feature is your creations , you can upload unlimitted videos ,photos and even scanned writtings.you can share your creativity like paintings,photography,shortstories,poems,travellogues,gardening,embroidiery,kiddies,my events and many more.we included  hot blog on global trends and also on indian trends.designers zone is a gallery of latest trendy experiments and designs on sarees,salwars ,lachas and kids wears etc across the world.you can add new designs which you have created.the concept of beauty tips provide the most effective tips to keep yourself updated.handpicked videos aims to entertain you besides it includes tips and tricks to make you beautiful at home.

website    : www.beautyballs.com

Phone      : +91 8086 29 29 16

mail         :  hello@beautyballs.com

Skype id  : beauty.balls

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