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What is PANDORA Jewelry?

Each piece of PANDORA JEWELRY is handcrafted in sterling silver or 14K gold with superior Danish design.

pandora bracelet design

Pandora Bracelet

PANDORA JEWELRY stands out because of its superior detail and design, the quality, and the unique threaded bead system. The patented threading system makes the PANDORA JEWELRY bracelet unique (U.S. Patent Number # 7,007,507). Each bracelet is divided into three parts by small threaded bridges. Each charm is made with threads, which allows for charm placement within the PANDORA bracelet segment of your choice. In order to hold

the charms in place simply place two clips over the middle two threaded sections. The clips are opened by gently sliding a nail into the side corner of the clip’s crease. To close the clip, simply pinch both sides together. The charms can still move freely and will rotate slightly with your wrist’s movement. The closure of the bracelet is the barrel, which is unique to PANDORA’s style and design.

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PANDORA JEWELRY bracelets make the perfect gift for any occasion; for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or just because. These bracelets are especially good gifts for those who hard to shop for because you will always have something to purchase for them for future gifts. The PANDORA JEWELRY bracelet stretches over time as weight (e.g. charms) is put on the bracelet.


PANDORA JEWELRY’s feminine universe of jewelry is made for you to create, combine and design. Choose from a multitude of charms, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and watches to effortlessly express your style. PANDORA JEWELRY is carefully inspected before it leaves the hands of our goldsmiths. The highest standards and best material are always used. Only the finest 14K and 18K gold, sterling silver and carefully selected gems, stones and cultured pearls are used, in a craft that combines century-old craftsmanship with modern thinking and beautiful design.

PANDORA offers a complete range of high quality jewelry ranging from charms for the PANDOR A bracelet concept to a universe of jewelry with rings, earrings and necklaces. PANDORA jewelry has become known for its high standards of craftsmanship and modern design.


PANDORA JEWELRY frequently made with beautifully crafted motifs and elegant details combined with precious stones like topaz, sapphires, amethysts and brilliant-cut diamonds.

Our jewelry can be combined to create unique and meaningful moments.  The PANDORA JEWELRY woman always carries her own personal story; each element a reminder of her unforgettable moments. PANDORA JEWELRY’s designs are feminine, using precious metals and genuine stones. Precious metals paired with genuine stones reflect femininity, memories and romance.

PANDORA JEWELRY is high quality jewelry made with genuine materials and precious stones. Each piece is hand finished using traditional craftsmanship. PANDORA JEWELRY’s designs are timeless, modern and romantic, with strong links to love and family. Today, this legacy of handcraftsmanship continues. Our 3,000 PANDORA JEWELRY workers receive one to three years of specialized training in the art of PANDORA JEWELRY. Every handcrafted piece of jewelry is touched by 30 to 50 craftsmen and is fashioned with unsurpassed workmanship.


Pandora Jewelry Materials

PANDORA provides a universe of hand-finished and modern jewelry primarily made from genuine materials, including solid sterling silver and 14k or 18k gold. We use a variety of gemstones, stones and cultured pearls to add sparkle and color to our genuine silver and gold jewelry. These originate from material categories commonly used in the jewelry industry – diamonds, gemstones, organic gems and man-made stones.

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How to spot a fake Pandora charm

With the growing popularity of Pandora and other european style charm bracelet companies like Troll and Chamilia in recent years, there has also been been a steady rise in the number of counterfeit and imitation pieces that try to copy their distinct and beautiful style. It’s especially difficult given that for a lot of us collectors, buying online is the only way to get our hands on some of the rarer pieces that were either retired before we got into Pandora or were not available in our country. In this post I’ll write about some tips and basic information on how to spot a fake Pandora charm.


Does it have the right Pandora markings?

All Pandora products are engraved with several distinct markings that can be used to distinguish them from imitators or other brands.

The ALE marking

The first and most notable marking is the three letter marking “ALE”. This marking comes from Per Enevoldsen, the original founder of the Pandora jewelry company, and are the initials of his father Algot Enevoldsen. All Pandora charms and and accessories will have this ALE hallmark engraved on the piece, usually close to where the sterling silver or gold mark is. If the piece does not have this mark, then for sure it is not a genuine Pandora piece.

This used to be an easy identifier of a counterfeit, but the imitators out there are getting better at copying the Pandora pieces and will often include the ALE mark now so it’s not a guaranteed indicator.


Crown over the O

This marking is only on the barrel clasps – another good indication that the bracelet is authentic.  However, older Pandora bracelets/necklaces do not have the crown over the O (my two-tone necklace does not have the crown) because they did not come with the crown before 2008.  This is usually because the store had older inventory, so no need to worry if that’s the only oddity.

The Sterling 925 and Gold 585 markings

These two numbers, the 925 for sterling silver and 585 of 14k gold, is an international standard and required markings for jewelry pieces made from these two materials. While it sounds nice to have something made from pure silver or gold, these precious metals are actually very soft and benefit greatly from having other metals mixed in with them to form an alloy. Sterling silver must contain at least 92.5% silver, so hence the 925 marking that’s seen on all Pandora sterling silver pieces. The same goes for 14 karat gold, which must contain at least 58.5% gold. Pandora gold pieces are engraved with the number 585, again usually near where the ALE marking is placed.

In addition to the 925 mark on Pandora silver jewelry, beginning in June 2011 Pandora has added an “S” in addition to 925, a change in the international standard to identify silver jewelry. So don’t worry if some of the older charms have no “S” and only the traditional 925.


As for two-tone (duotone) charms and jewelry, Pandora will only stamp it with the S 925 or 925 mark since all the two-tone charms are still mainly silver with gold accents.

Like the ALE trademark of the Pandora line, the lack of a 925 or 585 numerical marking on a piece is a surefire sign that it’s a fake piece. Counterfeiters are getting wiser, however, and will often include these marks on the higher end imitation pieces even if the charm or jewelry piece is not actually made from that material.

Is the piece in the Pandora official catalog, or if it’s been retired, was it ever in the catalog?

Beyond the markings, the next step you can do when trying to verify if a Pandora piece is authentic or not is to consult the Pandora catalog. Pandora’s website is a good first stop when trying to lookup a charm or accessory; all of Pandora’s current collections are laid out in relatively easy to browse sections with high resolution pictures that you can look at. If the charm you’re examining is not on the website, or if it is but it looks “off” in some way, like with significant color variations or sculpting differences, then you may have a counterfeit charm.


The complication though is that Pandora is pretty aggressive about retiring portions of their collections on a regular basis. When they retire a piece they also remove it from their website, making it a bit more difficult to verify older charms that are no longer carried in retail stores. These pieces will usually have some kind of web presence, however, either from other jewelry websites and blogs (like Charms Addict! :)) that will talk about them or have listings for these retired pieces so some Google searching will help you here.

How is the actual quality of the piece?

The craftsmanship and quality of a charm or jewelry piece is often difficult to determine unless you are handling it in person. If you’re buying online, you’ll probably only have access to photos (hopefully high resolution photos) of the piece that you are looking to buy. If the photos are good, you may have enough information to make a determination.  My advice is never to buy a charm off eBay with only a stock photo provided – ask the seller for an actual picture of charm, and if they refuse then it may be an indication that they’re trying to pull a fast one.

How is the craftsmanship and detailing?

Pandora charms are all beautifully handmade by artisans that work directly with the precious metals, stones, and colored Murano glass. Authentic Pandora pieces will have a high level of sculpting and detail in their silver and gold pieces — lines will be crisp, and the sculpts will be polished and well shaped. If the detailing on the piece you’re looking at feels flat or a bit “soft”, then it’s possible that the piece is an imitation. Counterfeit pieces are often manufactured from molds that are taken of an original piece — these molds already lose some fidelity as a result of being a copy, and then they degrade quickly as more and more pieces are made from them.


If you’re buying a Murano glass bead, how does the glass look? Is the glass even and polished smooth, and are the details on it high quality and uniform? If the Murano glass looks cloudy or scratched, then it’s possible you are looking at a counterfeit that may be made of either lower grade glass or even plastic. The sterling silver or gold endcaps on Murano beads is another excellent indicator of the authenticity of the charm — if the caps do not look good, have poor Pandora engravings, or look like they are merely glued on rather than fused with the glass core of the bead, then it may be an imitation. Additionally, a common counterfeit for Pandora Muranos are ones made of “Swarovski” crystals – Pandora does not and has never made crystal beaded Muranos (maybe a future design idea :)).

Lastly, markings in particular are always engraved on Pandora products. If the ALE, 925 or 585 material marks, or the Pandora brand name look stamped on (the marks are not crisp and clean on the surface and just look “pressed on”) then it may be a counterfeit charm. Again, due to the molding and casting process that counterfeiters can use to mass produce the copies, small details like this are often lost. In some cases the copies are molded without these marks and someone goes back in later in post-production to stamp them — this is far inferior to engraving the marks, and can be spotted easily on rounded surfaces like bracelet clasps and Murano bead end caps as the stamps have a hard time pressing into the material evenly. If it looks fishy, don’t buy it!

Does Pandora Jewelry material look and feel right?

This is probably the most difficult dimension to evaluating a fake, as you will almost certainly need to have the piece in hand; it may be too late at that point to get your money back. It’s hard to quantify these in a blog post, but I’ll say that genuine jewelry pieces made from sterling silver and gold are HEAVY. There is a certain heft and weight to them that is very easy to discern if you compare a counterfeit piece next to a genuine one, even in something as small as a little Pandora charm. Silver and gold are hefty metals that can also hold a very fine level of detail — it is difficult to replicate both of these qualities in cheaper materials.


If the charm feels too light compared to your genuine Pandora pieces, or if it’s relatively the right weight but the detailing and polish of the piece is lacking, then the piece may be suspect. Steel and iron is often used in counterfeit pieces, sometimes coated with a fake silver and gold plating. One interesting trick to try is to place a strong magnet next to the charm or bracelet. Sterling silver and 14k gold is not magnetic at all, so if there is any attraction then it is definitely NOT made from precious materials (iron and steel are highly magnetic).

Does Pandora charms have the threading on the inside?

Pandora charms and bracelets are unique in that they are made with a “threading” system — the ends of the bracelets, along with additional points on the interior, have special threaded sections on them. This was designed so that special accessories like clips can be attached to the Pandora bracelets, allowing you to easily divide up space for less-filled bracelets. All Pandora charms then are threaded on the inside so that they can slip by these threads and on to the bracelets, ingenious!  However, Pandora did introduce a series “openworks” charms at the beginning of 2012 that are hollow and merely slip onto the bracelet (also true for most thin spacers).  The hallmarks on these type of charms are very very tiny and hard to spot, so these are going to be one of those charms that are going to be hard to detect using the hallmark and threading indications.


Other brands, and especially imitators, do not have these threads. I’d imagine that these are difficult to manufacture for copycats that are trying to keep their costs down. A lot of imitators will often say that their beads are “Designed to fit Pandora bracelets” as a way around this; this means that the charm interiors are enlarged to allow them to slip over the threaded sections on Pandora pieces, rather than actually have threads. These larger pieces often look terrible in my opinion, and lose that elegant sculpted look that genuine Pandora charms have. Again this may be difficult to see in online postings as most sellers don’t try to take pictures of the insides of the charms to show the threads.

What’s the price of Pandora jewelry?

Since Pandora jewelry are commodities (gold, silver, gemstones) their pricing is tied to the value of these metals as these metals are the biggest cost in production. In addition, Pandora’s home office has strict Recommended Retail Price (RRP) on the prices of their jewelry and [most] stores that carry their products must adhere to their pricing structures — and that is why you’ll find that charms costs the same amount across the country even though the companies selling them are all owned and operated independently. Therefore, if you’re looking for a deal this is where you’ll find the most fakes. When charms are sold at a “preloved” price, the cost reduction is mainly because the charms are pre-owned and maybe have lost the luster of a brand new charm. However, when you’re looking at a new charm and the price is too good to be true, then beware! It probably is.


Since Pandora retires their charms on a regular basis, there are some charms that become so rare that their price, even “preloved” comes at a staggering 3-4 times the original cost. If you’re trying to find a rare charm and the price is low (or even reasonable), this may be a clue that it may not be real.

The surefire way to know you’re getting a real genuine Pandora piece is to buy it at an authorized Pandora dealer. But for those rarer and more exclusive pieces I know this sometimes isn’t possible — for my next post in this series I’ll talk a little bit more about how to spot a questionable seller online, be it a storefront with a website or an individual seller posting a listing on Facebook or Ebay.

How To Make Your Wig Look Natural

Your hair is your largest cosmetic feature. For that very reason, the appearance of your hair (real or otherwise) has the ability to singlehandedly transform your look. Drab to diva, demure to vixen, your hair can take your look to places you didn’t think possible. Using wigs and hair extensions is a fun way to experiment, without making a permanent commitment.


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The easiest way to switch up your look is by popping a wig onto your head. Straight, curly, long, or short, a wig gives you the option to completely change the look of your hair with absolutely no commitment. Breaking it down even further, there are different levels of quality in a wig. A costume wig—typically employed during Halloween—is usually bold (think oddly colored and textured), inexpensive, and not meant to be worn for very long at all. These wigs are always synthetic, and can be worn for a few hours to add some drama to your look. The next step up in quality is the synthetic wig, made from simulated hairs. The synthetic wig can closely resemble the appearance of natural hair, and can be worn for longer periods of time than its costume counterpart. Last but not least, human hair wigs (made with real human hair) are the most natural-looking, and often cost the most money.

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Extensions can add length, volume, and color to your hair, with very little commitment. Extensions are hair clusters (both faux and real), bonded to existing hairs on the head to alter the appearance of the hair. Extensions can be attached physically, via braiding, or chemically, via keratin glue bonds that are activated with heat. If an extension is physically bonded, it can be taken out at any time. If the bond is a chemical one, expect wear to last 4-6 weeks, depending on the type of hair that you use.

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One of the hottest trends to hit the hair extension world is the feather extension. These are available in a number of sizes, shapes, and colors, and are oftentimes attached with a tiny bead looped through the top of the hair shaft, close to the scalp.

Most women who are faced with hair loss opt for at least one wig and alternate wearing the wig(s) with hats and scarves.

What should I do to prepare for hair loss?

Make sure you will need a wig. Not all chemo causes hair loss.
If your hair is long, consider having it cut short so that switching to a wig or other head covering will be less noticeable.
Hair generally falls out 2-3 weeks after your first chemo treatment.
Once it starts falling out, consider having your head shaved (use an electric razor to avoid cuts).
This can make you feel more in control and keeps you from waking up to find itchy hair all over your pillow.
If you still need something to catch the hair, you may want to buy a Mesh Cap.

Hair usually grows back about six months after chemotherapy ends. Your new hair may be curlier or straighter, thicker or finer—or even a new color. Usually this change is short term; with time your hair will very likely go back to the way it was before treatment.

What kind of wig should I buy?

After hearing they will lose their hair, some women rush out and buy a real hair wig.

Many regret it: In addition to being expensive, real hair wigs require a lot of upkeep. Synthetic wigs are much easier to maintain and they look and feel natural. With the money you save you can try different style synthetic wigs—even different colors. As one of our customers wrote:


Choosing a color.

As we age, a lighter color is often more flattering and gives a softer, more natural look.
Chemo can make your face look pale. If you have black hair, consider choosing dark brown for a more flattering look.
If you’re a brunette and going grey, consider choosing a wig in a lighter shade of brown, possibly with subtle highlights.
White is very flattering, too.
Be adventurous! Now is your chance to experiment without paying for a long, expensive salon dye job.

Check the wig return policy and your insurance policy.

Make sure you can return the wig within a reasonable length of time without a restocking fee.
Check your private insurance policy. With a prescription from your doctor for a “cranial prosthesis”, it may help cover the cost of a wig.
Medicare does not cover the cost of wigs, but they may be a tax-deductible expense.

How do I make sure that my wig fits comfortably and correctly?

Carefully follow the directions that come with the wig.
If you wear glasses, remove them before trying on the wig.
Be sure to shake out the wig vigorously before putting it on.
Consider investing in a Wig Hugger. This cushioned gel band ensures that the wig is positioned comfortably and securely on your head.

The Cool Comfort™ Wig Liner is another helpful item. Chemo can make your scalp sensitive, and the Wig Liner offers good protection. Made of a special soft cotton/poly fabric, it also wicks away perspiration to keep you cool and comfortable while wearing your wig.

How do I style my wig?

Before styling, always tuck all of the hair behind your ears.
Bring forward only as much hair as is needed to make the wig look natural.
If needed, have a hair dresser trim the bangs and thin the wig to make it look more natural.
Shorter wigs—use a brush sparingly; your fingers will work better. Use Wig Styling Crème for hold, if desired.
Long, straight wigs—spray lightly with Wig Conditioner and brush with a Wig Brush, starting with the ends first, before styling.
For touch-ups, lift hair with a Hair Pick, included in our Wig Styling Kit. The Kit also includes a Wig Brush, a Collapsible Wig Stand for drying wigs and other useful items.

For a more natural look, don’t try to have every hair in place.
Use scarf bands and other hair accessories as you would with your own hair.

The Materials of Wigs and Hairpieces

As for all products made by human hand or machine, the quality of a wig or hair addition is determined by (1) the component materials from which it is made, and (2) workmanship. The best product is made from the best materials, to a high-quality standard of workmanship.

The foundation material of a wig or partial hairpiece-the material to which the hair or synthetic fibers the simulate hair is attached-is usually a silk, cotton or synthetic netting or gauze. Synthetic materials may better resist damage from perspiration and excessive skin oiliness. The foundation material must be light in weight but strong enough to serve as a base for the finished product.

The “hair” of the wig or hairpiece is either natural hair or synthetic fibers that simulate hair. Synthetic fibers of high quality are very acceptable substitutes for natural hair. They are superior to human hair in that they are lighter in weight, dry faster after wetting, and hold styling patterns and color longer than natural hair. High heat, as might come from a hair dryer or permanent waving tool, may damage synthetic fibers.

Human hair is often preferred to synthetic fibers because it is “natural”. It may be more expensive than synthetic fibers because of supply shortages. Human hair provides a range of selections on the basis of color, texture, caliber and straight/curly/wiry shape that match the client’s hair. Before it is used in making a wig or hairpiece, human hair is stripped of its outer, protective cuticle (see Hair Science: How and Why Hair Grows). If left in place, cuticle shatters into scaly projections that cause hair fibers to adhere to one another in knotty tangles.

Several techniques are used to attach synthetic fibers or human hair to the foundation material:

Hand-knotting, the most expensive technique, is used in the highest quality products;

Looping (fiber is looped through the foundation material as one would do when sewing a garment, then sealed to prevent undoing of the loops);

Punching and sealing; and,

Machine wefting, the least expensive technique, used in less expensive ready-to-wear wigs.

Ready-to-Wear or Made-to-Order?

Enter “wigs” as a search term on the World Wide Web and you will find dozens of sites offering ready-to-wear wigs. Ready-to-wear wigs are also widely available in stores and mail-order catalogues. Most of the ready-to-wear products are made for off-the-shelf immediate wearing. The customer fits the wig to his/her head by making adjustments according to instructions provided by the manufacturer. Synthetic fibers, human hair or a mixture of both are used in ready-to-wear products.

Semi-custom wigs are also available as ready-to-wear products. The semi-custom product is usually hand-knotted and made in different sizes and shapes to better accommodate to an individual’s head.

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A person who wants or needs a wig of the highest quality that addresses all of his/her individual esthetic and physical requirements should consider purchasing a custom-made wig. The advantages of a custom-made wig are high quality, precise fitting to head measurements, adaptation to facial esthetics and selection of hair to best complement the person’s ethnicity. The major disadvantage is cost, which is substantially higher than the cost of a ready-to-wear product. The selection, fitting and attachment of a custom-made wig is best done with professional guidance and supervision-for example, under the guidance of a cosmetic surgeon or a skilled and experienced cosmetologist.



Unlike wigs, which are whole-scalp, long-term solutions for hair loss, hairpieces are partial-scalp products which frequently have a limited period of usefulness before they must be replaced. The most common reason for having a hairpiece is to cover a bald spot, which is usually due to androgenetic alopecia (male- or female-pattern hair loss). Because androgenetic alopecia is progressive, a bald spot changes in size and shape over time. A partial hairpiece that covers an area of hair loss today may provide inadequate coverage as hair loss progresses.

Because areas of partial hair loss are unique to each person, there are few satisfactory ready-to-wear partial hairpieces. A hairpiece must usually be made to order to meet the esthetic and physical requirements of the individual man or woman. The fitting and creation of a high-quality partial hairpiece requires skill and experience. A physician specializing in hair restoration can refer patients to a trusted professional. Hairpieces may also be available directly from cosmetologists who have the requisite training and experience to properly fit a hairpiece and assure its quality and workmanship.

Problems and Their Prevention

Itchy scalp and excessively oily scalp can occur under wigs and partial hairpieces. The problems are best prevented by keeping the scalp clean by washing as often as necessary. Allergic reactions to adhesives are uncommon; if a reaction occurs, it should be brought to the attention of a physician.

Traction alopecia-temporary or permanent hair loss caused by constant excessive traction on hair and the hair follicles from which they grow-is a potentially serious complication of hair additions and extensions. Partial hairpieces and hair extensions that exert excessive traction on the natural hair to which they are attached may inadvertently be a cause of hair loss (see Hair Loss and Its Causes and the section Physical, Chemical, Thermal and Radiation Injury). Careful fitting and attachment of the hair addition by a skilled professional decreases risk for traction alopecia.

What Makes Net Sarees Perfect for Party ?

Net sarees Online

Net sarees are gets the alluring figure with flimsy fabric drapes over your body in a very special manner to accentuating lady’s physical features. Obviously, net sarees are the best way to hold on to the Indian tradition in a most modern way still look sensuous, classy beauteous and elegant. And is the best way to be the centre attraction at weddings, party and events. The sequins,laces, embroidery, needle work, patterns and shimmers spotlight through this transparent material to drape your body in the most seductive color in an attractive way.

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Are Net Sarees Perfect For Parties?

what makes net sarees so special? The laces, sequins, needle work, embroidered patterns and shimmers glare through net sarees; this transparent saree material drape lady’s in the most alluring color in an attractive way. If you are wearing one of those gorgeous net sarees you would always be the center of attraction even in the crowd! Of course, it is the best and classical way to hold on to the Indian tradition in the most modern way, while you still look sensuous, stylish beautiful and elegant! What else can you look for in your party wear?

What Makes Net Sarees Perfect for Party ?

Well, the reasons are many and varied; here are the top five reasons:

1. Net sarees are available in a large number of colors patterns and designs. Whether you want a fabulous biege or a maroon, a dark green or an happy blue, black or white, you can choose them in every possible colour and pattern with the embroidery of your choice if heavy or light.

2. This thin and pretty fabric creates an alluring figure on your body in manner to highlight your beautiful figures.


3. Net sarees are perfect to be well-matched with the most dazzling jewelry you can ever think of. Pair net sarees with your best-loved stilettos and ornamented clutch bags and you are ready to take the show on hand.

5. If worn with a beautifully designed blouse and satin petty-coat, you will looking really impressive in nets. This adorable net sarees are perfectly in keeping with the luxury of these marriage ceremonies.

4. If it is your best friend’s birthday party or your sister’s wedding ceremonial occasion, the sequins, patch-works of net sarees are perfect. Embroideries and fabric flowers intertwine with the delicate net saree is perfect for every occasion to get you a celebrated appearance.

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Tips on How to wear Net Sari

Wearing a Net Sari

1. While wearing a net sari, avoid pleating the pallu. Insteadpleating the pallu , leave it loose and flowing that get you an effortless charm.

2. Satin petticoat of the base color is an essentially required when wearing a net saree,.

3. Because of the net fabric, the sari might have chances of show body flab especially waist down. So the blouse you wear should appropriate your bustline perfectly. Also blouse should hence be tailored to cover the flaws that might come up.

4. Make sure saree does not slip off pleating the net sari is the toughest job.. If need be, pin it up should you feel uneasy to walk in it during the night.

5. Go for footwear that have a little height, not so tall that might make you look and walk uncomfortable.

6. Wearing and sporting accessories is important. But do not take the chance of over-accessorising the net sari. Wear jewellery that will be sufficient and minimalistic, not something that will make you look overdressed.

7. How can we forget the make-up? A net saree would look even better when the makeup is kept low and minimal, rather than having it flashy and loud. Go ahead and highlight one or two features of your face instead of doing it full.

8. The oomph factor gets highlighted depending on how high or low you wear the sari. Ideally, wearing it too high or low makes it look out of context. Tie it around your waist bone. Some things look good when not flaunted on the excess.

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9. For a pure chaste look, go for a white sari. You can pair it with a white sleeveless blouse and white sequined purse. Wear silver or white gold and paint your fingers in a contrasting color. Golden net sari looks ever-gorgeous with all its dazzle and shine. There is also Azure-Green net version that has a sense of mermaid-like beauty in it.

Whatever be the colour or the embellishments, get ready to woo the world with a net sari provided you look into the intricacies of wearing it.

Buy Garcinia Cambogia India

where I get Garcinia Cambogia in India

garcinia cambogia is an exciting discovery in natural weight-loss, and its two way performance helps to double your weight loss without additional fasting and workout. Garcinina combogia pills are made from the Garcinia combogia fruits which is normally found in India. Studies revealed recently about the effectiveness of garcinia cambogia weight loss supplement to burning fat and reduce appetite within very short period which any workout or fasting cannot perform.


garcinia cambogia for weight loss

Garcinia Cambogia extract is formulated from the extract of the pumpkin-shaped Garcinia Cambogia fruit and contains Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is proven to be very effective in suppressing appetite also for burning fat.

Naturally reduces appetite and help to lose weight quickly
Cut down fat production to help in weight loss
Reduce fat on waist and gets you flat belly
Burns excessive fat from butt area
Helping you get lean legs by burning fat from thighs

Garcinia combogia reviews certifies the weight loss supplement can help in melting excess fat on body on particular areas of body. Thus it gets you a new figure having slim legs, firm buts and flat stomach with your routine workout itself.

Is garcinia cambogia safe

Garcinia cambogia pills are made from natural fruits extracts and is a natural weight loss supplement and experts suggests very comfortable about safety of it. Helps to build lean muscle mass by preventing enzymes from entering to liver, at the same time converts carbohydrate and sugar to fat cells. Thus the fat transferred into energy and develop lean muscles.

Garcinia Cambogia capsule dosage

Garcinia Cambogia capsule is suggested to take before each meal, so that it naturally suppress appetite effectively. Reduces feel of hunger and at take of recommended dose of Garcinia Cambogia 1000 mg


Where can i get garcinia cambogia in India

Garcinia Cambogia is sold in many good food supplement shops and health stores throughout the country.

garcinia cambogia tablets are available online too, you can take great advantage of offers also free delivery can be made. And if you are not satisfied with garcinia cambogia tablets you will get full refund on return on this (please check website for latest prices)

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Vow Garcinina cambogia tablets contains 100% natural ingredients of natural garcinia plant extract

Contains 60% Hydroxycitric Acid
100% natural and vegetarian
Made at in a GNP Certified Lab

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What is Garcinia Cambogia?

What is Garcinia Cambogia and Why it is known to be the best natural fat burner

Garcinia cambogia is one of the hottest herbal weight loss supplement today is making waves in the diet industry. Nutrition experts describe the product “a breakthrough in natural weight loss.” and “a revolutionary fat buster”


Garcinia cambogia is a tropical tree having Pumpkin shaped small, sour fruit native to India and Asian Countries. Though its fruit is cultivated for culinary purposes, it is also used for medicinal purpose in Ayurveda. For years the extract is a remedy for digestive disorders, weight reduction and stomach ulcers in Asia, India and Africa. People have consuming this fruit for centuries and it is quite healthy when eaten raw that is when eater as it is. Garcinia Cambogia has been proven to reduce fat and have astonishing results in decreasing weight. It works upon weight gaining tissues by suppressing appetite. helps in suppresses the hunger naturally and a creates the feel of full without having follow up meals.

Benefits of garcinia cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia – The Fat Blocker

the foremost energetic ingredient in Garcinia cambogia extract is Hydroxycitric acid (HCA). HCA blocks fat by inhibiting the efforts of a main metabolic enzymecitrate lyase the main metabolic enzyme. Via interrupting the metabolic approach, hydroxycitric acid slows the conversion of carbohydrates into fats. This is why Garcinia become most trusted weight loss supplement available on market.


Garcinia Cambogia – Appetite Suppressant

hydroxycitric acid has the capability to suppress the appettite. It grows serotonin in bodym the important neurotransmitter. Increased amount of serotonin regulates the effect of appetite quantity. Raised serotonin phases also give a boost to mood, and many antidepressants mimic the effects of serotonin. Raised serotonin levels also improve mood, and many antidepressants mimic the effects of serotonin. when depression lifts and anxiety fades, it is likely to turn to food as a coping mechanism, thus Garcinia cambogia particularly help to overcome eating habits.

Garcinia Cambogia – Boosts Body Metabolism

Garcinia cambogia creates an extremely efficient metabolism. HCA helps to metabolic method maintain the body in a regular state of imbalance and helps to keep steadiness the reactions and make the process more efficient. Also Garcinia cambogia reduces fat and continues extra weight down by motivating fat.

Garcinia Cambogia – Lowers Blood ldl cholesterol

Garcinia Cambogia reduces the amount of lipids in the blood stream when HCA stops the citrate lyase enzyme from transforming sugars into fat, it block fat construction and storage. It lowers creation of unhealthy cholesterol and raises the construction of good ldl cholesterol.

Garcinia Cambogia – Improves Immune performance

Garcinia cambogia natural supplement may additionally shorten the length of health problem just like the flu and customary cold. Subsequently, it improves immune method functioning. Reviews points out that the Garcinia cambogia capsules boost up body’s response to infections, health problem and disorder

All above benefits of Garcinia Cambogia increases the popularity of this natural weight loss supplement available at Amazon.in

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